RIBERI P. COSTRUZIONI Photovoltaic sector is able to manage efficiency projects, with strictly tailored features

Installing a photovoltaic system is simple, but managing high-efficiency systems is a complex job, which only a company of professionals with specific skills can achieve at its best.


Increasing the efficiency, modernity and safety of companies has always been our goal

RIBERI P. is today an established player in the North-West regarding energy efficiency and renewable energies.

Unfortunately, it is a fact that the cost of electricity has increased by 26% in the last 3 years and this trend is certainly not going to change due to the increasing demand for fossil fuels and the difficulty in finding raw materials.

The right choice is photovoltaics.

Taking advantage of current tax deductions, and taking advantage today of an intelligent and environmentally friendly investment you can produce clean energy for 30 years and feed your business or home with a photovoltaic system for free, with considerable savings on unavoidable energy costs is undoubtedly the right choice.

With a photovoltaic system designed according to your specific energy needs, you will personally contribute to the protection of the environment and live in a high comfort environment with the exact same economic value.

Trust in RIBERI P. COSTRUZIONI for quality and with its many installations of renewable energy plants active in Piedmont.

Practical planning and forms

Our internal technical department, consisting of a team of qualified professionals, has decades of experience in photovoltaic systems, first activated and remunerated by government incentives and now by tax deductions and exchange, and is also available for the management of third parties:

  • Enel files, G.S.E. and municipal authorizations (DIA – SCIA – MUDE)
  • Volture of photovoltaic installations
  • energy certifications
  • consumption statements

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