Agricultural sheds

The use of galvanized steel structures for the construction of large stables is now well established.

In addition to being a less expensive alternative to prefabricated concrete sheds, galvanized steel is a more suitable construction system to meet any dimensional requirements because everything is produced each time according to the specific needs of the customer.

In addition to this, especially on large volumes, the metal structure, being leaner, offers a less harsh environmental impact. The sheds are made with a metallic structure, with all types of sizes for every need.

The roof covering can be in insulated panels, pre-painted sheet metal, polycarbonate, aluminium panels and panels with fiberglass inner part.

Channels and tinsmithery in galvanized and pre-painted die-cast sheet metal or in stainless steel 8/10mm

Our technicians and designers are able to offer a complete design guaranteeing the customer complete satisfaction with optimal technical solutions in sheds for cattle, pigs, chickens and hens, rabbits and sheep.

Different types of structures:

  • Two-fold shed with tie-rod used as stable or porch
  • Single-warm shed used as a stable or porch
  • Double-pitched shed with ventilation hood with pillars and reinforced capital.
  • Sheds with overlapping pitches

Prefabricated steel sheds are the most advantageous choice for the agricultural sector.

Every choice affects the future of your company.

You need a wise investment when you are preparing to build your shed.

The profitable key to your investment is called steel.

Riberi P. Costruzioni sas has been on the market since the 60s.

Prefabricated sheds for agricultural use: reasons to build them in steel

Building a prefabricated steel shed is a forward-looking choice, dictated by the undeniable benefits that steel can bring.

You’ve accepted the responsibility of taking your business into the future, so you need to be able to make the right choices. Whether it’s agricultural or industrial sheds, the structure must still guarantee you safety, ample spaces and economic savings.

So, why should you choose steel for your new prefabricated shed?

#1 Steel is light

A shed with a steel structure is strong and light at the same time. To achieve the high performance that steel can give you, you would require the use of larger volumes with other materials, such as concrete. The result? A shed that is heavy and not very flexible to possible adversities. With the use of steel you invest less in resources and get a shed that lasts over time.

#2 Steel is resistant

Steel has a high capacity for resistance to bending and breakage. An industrial steel shed is anti-seismic and fire resistant. These characteristics are sufficient in themselves to make the choice of this material in the construction of your prefabricated agricultural sheds.

#3 Steel is flexible

Whether it is a matter of designing a new shed or renovating old buildings, steel is always the right choice. Thanks to the ductility and flexibility of steel metal profiles, it can be integrated with the use of other materials such as concrete or wood.

#4 Steel is economical

Choosing steel means saving economic resources, both in the design and construction of the building structure and in maintenance. You will also save a lot of time: thanks to the prefabricated structure, building a steel shed is quick and easy.

#5 Steel is recyclable

Steel is a completely recyclable material. In addition to being an environmentally friendly choice, steel is also a wise choice: in the future you can always use your steel for other projects or resell it. It is a guaranteed investment. You may want to know more about steel structures.

Prefabricated agricultural sheds: preliminary assessments

When you decide to build a new farm shed, you must first consider what your purpose is.

You have to make sure that the type of project under construction is in line with your needs. Depending on your objective, the specifications and structure of your prefabricated shed will vary.

What’s your shed going to host? Vehicles, hay, animals, valuable machinery?

Do you have to ensure adequate housing space to accommodate large-volume machinery?

All your specific operational needs, with Riberi P. Costruzioni will be taken into account and our technicians will be able to advise you in the best possible way to meet your needs.

Design and technical characteristics are fundamental but establishing immediately whether the aesthetic appearance of the shed is an important element for your company. Could the appearance of the shed affect the value of your property or your corporate identity? In this case you might consider using materials with high quality aesthetic characteristics and accurate design.

Defining your goals before they are achieved will have a positive effect on the final result and, of course, you will be more satisfied too.

When you build a shed, you plan your future. Is the size appropriate to your work expectations? You have to build with the future of your business in mind, projecting your attention to the needs you may encounter in the years to come.

Riberi P. Costruzioni is always available to clarify the times and methods of work, from project to construction.

Prefabricated sheds: steel is the right choice

Calculating the return on investment of your new prefabricated shed is a necessary step to justify the costs incurred.

Remember that your steel shed is a long-term investment. It will be a value for your business even in a few years.

Riberi P. Costruzioni sas prefabricated warehouses are not a cost, they are an investment, which projected into the future, returns with profit.

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